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Reconnect with your heart and higher Self...receive guidance with any challenge

Tap into Your Heart

Scalar Heart Connection® is a process to help us shift out of our head and into our Heart. It is a system to tap into the infinite intelligence, interconnection, and knowing of our Hearts. We begin by clarifying: What stress or challenge are you facing in your life path—lack of loving relationship with yourself, partner, child, family member, friend, pain or dis-ease in your body and health, depression, emotional upset, lack of meaning in your work, overwork or underwork, disconnect from your creativity and purpose, etc.—that you want guidance on from your Heart. Then we use breath and a scalar figure 8 to slow the active mind into a theta brain wave state so that you can listen, hear and tap into your body and heart. This healing tool can be used throughout the session to connect with your Heart. Next we ask your heart a series of questions to hear its messages as to where in your body the energy is stuck, and what is holding you back. Then what is your Heart calling you to and wanting to create. It is like putting together the pieces of a puzzle to sense the pattern of the wounded self and negative conditioning, and then to open to and create the new structure of your Heart.

Scalar Heart Connection

The goal of Scalar Heart Connection® is to come into our Hearts as the voice of our Higher Self, learn to love ourselves fully and to share the love of our Hearts with others, the Earth and all of Life. Challenges in our life show up to bring opportunities for us to grow, and to bring awareness to how we are disconnecting from our Hearts and Others Hearts. We are being called, at this time on the planet, into greater connection to who we really are and into our feeling body and Hearts.

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Scalar Heart Connection® Sessions

Available In-Person, by Phone, or Skype
884 Lincoln Way, Suite 37, Auburn, CA 95603

Ask Your Heart session (40 Min – 60 Min) $50

Tap into the sacred geometry of your heart – it's messages and guidance.

Heart of the Hero/Heroine's Journey (90 Min – 120 Min) $95

Tap into the sacred geometry of your heart – it's messages, guidance and deeper wisdom. Discover the Hero/Heroine's journey you are on with the challenge you are facing – the archetypal view of the challenge, the obstacle you must overcome, and the loving action you are being called to take.

Spiral Path $340

A series of 4 Heart of the Hero/Heroine's Journey to uncover and spiral through the layers of an issue toward the center of our Heart and Self.

"I had an amazing session last week with Laura and her practice of Scalar Heart connection. She is a beautifully gifted healer in Auburn, CA. The above video is a taste of the healing technique....highly recommend in conjunction with a invited me to feel my heart space, give voice to my heart's calling and to set intention for moving forward and healing from there...the massage thereafter really gave my entire body an opportunity to integrate the information I received. Thank you Laura Linsteadt for your love, insight and nurturing touch."
– Lisa Deniz

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"I have taken many courses and classes to empower myself over the years and this is the one in which I have experienced the most profound transformation. I ask myself, why is that? It starts with your presence and the way you balance sharing your wisdom with accepting and encouraging the wisdom of the group. I so appreciate the Scalar Heart process and how each session seems to be exactly what we each need to hear in that moment. The value of being with a group of women who share my deep concerns for the earth, appreciate the strength of our ancestors and value the power of our bodies and hearts to move us forward to make a difference in our time here on earth is priceless. You bring us the perfect music, the perfect atmosphere of acceptance, belonging and challenge to show up as who we truly are. I have found my strength and am healing a part of myself that has been deeply in need of being seen and recognized. Thank you, Laura."
– Val Bowman
"I just completed my first Scalar Heart Connection session and am feeling liberated, awakened, and drawn to what my heart knows to be right for me. I know, so enigmatic. But for real, have been frozen by life circumstances that have me doubting my intuition. Ever feel like that? Like you know what you need to do, you know your path but are terrified to take it? Lacking the road map to bridge you from the awkwardness and icky-ness back to your authentic self? What I've experienced is kinda like someone just handed me a headlamp after weeks of tripping over stones and running into walls. Like I finally see more clearly what has been inside the whole time. Feeling pretty fucking fierce with that knowledge."
– xoxo, Tina
"Scalar Heart Connection is truly the most effective system I have experienced to touch into heart wisdom in a totally comprehensive way. This process allows deep awareness of the truth held within the heart, and accessing that has been absolutely miraculous! It is quick, easy, and empowering."
– Dawntrix Kerry
"I was apprehensive about my first Scalar session with Laura, but she quickly erased my fear with her remarkably warm and non-judging presence. The work we did led to my deeper commitment to creative writing, particularly poetry. Since that session I have received notification that a publisher has accepted my poetry chapbook for publication."
– John Bowman, Author and Editor

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Dr. Erich Parks interviews Laura on Scalar Heart Connection

"When there is more than one heart together, all hearts are listening."
—Laura Linsteadt

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