Embody Wholeness

Embody Wholeness

Embody the fullness of who you are. Reclaim and remember the sacred and divine in your body, emotions, heart and intuition, mind and spirit. As you step in and surrender into your vulnerability and humanity, you step into your feeling and knowing, your creative power, passion and play, and express the unique purpose of your being with unconditional love for yourself, others, and all of life.

"Scalar Heart Connection is truly the most effective system I have experienced to touch into heart wisdom in a totally comprehensive way. This process allows deep awareness of the truth held within the heart, and accessing that has been absolutely miraculous! It is quick, easy, and empowering." – Dawntrix Kerry

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"I had an amazing session last week with Laura and her practice of Scalar Heart connection. She is a beautifully gifted healer in Auburn, CA. I highly recommend SHC in conjunction with a massage...it invited me to feel my heart space, give voice to my heart's calling and to set intention for moving forward and healing from there...the massage thereafter really gave my entire body an opportunity to integrate the information I received. Thank you Laura Linsteadt for your love, insight and nurturing touch."
– Lisa Deniz
"Thank you for gently guiding us more deeply into ourselves. What a gift you share! Simply to gather together as a group of women and listen to our hearts is powerful. Yet to realize that our heart concerns are so similar and overlapping, is even more affirming of our connection with each other, and opens us to invite deep healing. From these sessions, I feel closer to myself and others, more present to life, and more peaceful in thoughts and emotions. And when I stray from that space, I have embodied heart tools to help me return. What a true blessing this work has offered!"
– Christina Slowick
"Such a beautiful gathering of like minds revealing their hearts and discovering what bubbles up from within."
– Candy Hopkinson
"The Scalar Heart Connection process offers an amazing process of integration. I love meeting with the same people for the 4-week sessions under Laura's skillful guidance."
– Susan Whitaker
"I have taken many courses and classes to empower myself over the years and this is the one in which I have experienced the most profound transformation. I ask myself, why is that? It starts with your presence and the way you balance sharing your wisdom with accepting and encouraging the wisdom of the group. I so appreciate the Scalar Heart process and how each session seems to be exactly what we each need to hear in that moment. The value of being with a group of women who share my deep concerns for the earth, appreciate the strength of our ancestors and value the power of our bodies and hearts to move us forward to make a difference in our time here on earth is priceless. You bring us the perfect music, the perfect atmosphere of acceptance, belonging and challenge to show up as who we truly are. I have found my strength and am healing a part of myself that has been deeply in need of being seen and recognized. Thank you, Laura."
– Val Bowman

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Scalar Heart Connection

Scalar Heart Connection

Reconnect with your Heart and Higher Self…receive guidance with the challenges in your life

  • Your Vibrant Health
  • Greater Purpose
  • Loving Relationships with Self, Partner, Children, Family and Community
  • Meaningful Career and Work
  • Your Unique Creativity and Gifts


EmbodyDance with Laura Linsteadt

Embody the Sacred, and Divine Being that we are in Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit.

  • Ground into Your Body and Being
  • Play in the Sensation of Joy and Pleasure
  • Dance the Elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Sound and Light
  • Sense Stability, Mobility, Strength, Agility and Flexibility
  • Create CommUnity with Ourselves, Each Other and All Life

Embody Healing Massage Therapy

Healing Massage with Laura Linsteadt

Relax, Renew and Revitalize Your Whole Being

  • Circulatory/Swedish
  • NMT - Neuro-muscular Therapy
  • Tuina – Chinese Medical Massage
  • Seitai Shiatsu

The Divine Design and our Heart’s Interconnection with all of Life

Laura Linsteadt, BA, LMT, CMC, Certified SHC Mediator/Connector

Laura is a Certified Scalar Heart Connection Mediator and Connector, a California State Licensed Massage Therapist, and a Certified Mindful Coach. She has been practicing holistic-centered modalities for the past 20 years. She guides you on a journey of awareness and discovery of your authentic Self, and the wisdom of your body, heart, mind, and spirit moving together.

She has a BA in Dance and is a Nia Blue Belt Instructor. She has studied many forms of dance and movement: Dance Therapy, Modern, Jazz, Ballet, African, Folk, 5 Rhythms and Chakra Dance, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Yoga.